In 2015, CSR Europe composed the Enterprise 2020 Manifesto, which was promoted to the entire business community of Europe, through its network of national partners, including us at CSR HELLAS, aiming to:

• Gain a response from the business sector regarding the need for their active participation in the European Strategy “Europe 2020”
• Support the development of sustainable entrepreneurship
• Facilitate the improvement of synergies with stakeholders
• Reinforce further the leading position of Europe regardomg CSR issues on the global stage


The contribution of businesses towards the realization of the above aims was decisive, through the development and implementation of business initiatives and synergies, in sight of responding to the principle socio-economic and environmental challenges that can question traditional models of means of survival, consumption and resource distribution. The social challenges and trends that the initiative was responding to included the new global governance model, climate change, resource deficiency, demographic change, urbanization of the population, social division, technological acceleration etc.


Enterprise 2020 Manifesto was the proposal of businesses in response to the imperative need to confront challenges such as unemployment, climate change and demographic changes within Europe, through a movement of change based on CSR principles, but also their response in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy, that aimed at smart, sustainable and devoid of exclusions development.


The Manifesto was officially presented in Milan in June 2015 in the framework of the international exhibition EXPO MILANO 2015. For the shaping of the Manifesto we at CSR HELLAS cooperated with 42 other National CSR Networks, under the guidance of CSR Europe, representing altogether over 10.000 businesses from all over Europe.
The Manifesto 2020 invited people, businesses and governments to cooperate effectively and meaningfully, in the timeframe of 5 years (2015-2020), with 3 main strategic priorities in mind, and specifically:
1. Establishing employability and Non-discriminate integration as the top priority of Administrative boards, management and the value chains
2. Mobilizing businesses so that they can involve themselves actively in the development of societies, cities and regions and apply new methods of sustainable production, consumption and lifestyle
3. Setting transparency and respect of human rights as the focal point of business behavior


In September 2015, we organized a special event in Greece in order to present the Manifesto on the national level with the title “THE FUTURE FOR A EUROPE THAT WE NEED”, with the participation of more than 60 leading executives from corporate members of CSR HELLAS. The next day, a Conference with the title Growing on Ethics – Last Call to Action for Europe 2020 took place, during which accredited speakers presented the developments and trends on the topic of corporate synergies in the framework of CSR and of the effort to achieve the goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy.


The progress of the trajectory of European businesses towards the achievement of the priorities set in the ENTERPRISE 2020 MANIFESTO could be followed through the application Business Impact Maps on the CSR webpage, where hundreds of business initiatives from all around Europe were displayed.