2018 – SDGs Event within Balkans and Black Sea Cooperation Forum

In May 2018, we at CSR HELLAS/Global Compact Network Hellas organized a SDGs Event focusing on specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the context of the Balkans and Black Sea Cooperation Forum.

The main speaker of the event was Mrs. Lise Kingo, CEO and Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, who together with other distinguished representatives of the corporate and academic community from our country and abroad, presented further the importance that the participation of companies has on the achievement of the SDGs on a global scale.
The speakers presented the ways by which SDGs are linked to each other, exchanging opinions on two discussion panels that focused on:

Education for Innovation (SDG#4 for quality education and SDG#9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), where the importance of quality education as a basic component for the achievement of sustainable development, the enhancement of communities and technological process was discussed, which in turn can lead to greater innovation and contribute to the achievement of other environmental and social goals

Responsible Consumption and Production towards a Circular Economy (SDG#4 Responsible Consumption and Production and SDG#13 Environmental Action), where the discussion focused on the need to adopt new models of production and consumption that relate to the management of resources, energy efficiency, promotion of sustainable foundations, aiming for a reduction of the economic, environmental and social cost, as well as the active participation of consumers through their education regarding sustainable consumption and a sustainable lifestyle.