2019 – CEOs Call to Action

Following the Brussels SDG Summit, the third European Conference for the Sustainable Development Goals which was held on Tuesday 7 May 2019  with the presence of more than 400 delegates, a joint statement of 100 CEOs was published to align their initiatives with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as a roadmap for business transformation that creates value for society, but also for entrepreneurship.

The CEOs Call to Action for a New Deal for Europe is an initiative undertaken by CSR Europe in cooperation with over 40 national partners, including CSR HELLAS as the representative of Greece, as a response to the challenges that Europe is facing, which present a priority for European Union strategy itself.

During the publicization of the first phase of support of the CEOs Call to Action for a New Deal for Europe, approximately 100 managing directors from businesses all over Europe joined their forces to co-sign the CEOs Call to Action for a New Deal for Europe, as a common challenge for action and cooperation, aiming at accelerating sustainable development, the confrontation of climate change and the creation of sustainability and inclusion.

The goal of the CEO’s shared statement was to send a clear message to those that determine policies on a European and national level that they recognize the need for and are ready to cooperate for:

  • Implementation of innovative business development models focusing on responsibility and sustainability & accelerating adaptation to them
  • Commitment to an honest dialogue with stakeholders
  • Creation of collaborative structures and new models of financing sustainability
  • Transition to sustainable products and responsible consumer behaviors
  • Strengthening and promoting education at all stages of life
  • Social participation and political commitment
  • Adoption and dissemination of common standards of responsible business behavior.

At CSR HELLAS we believe that businesses which prioritize the values and principles of responsible entrepreneurship exist throughout Greece, as is revealed by the fact that 34 CEOs from CSR HELLAS corporate members participated in the CEOs Call, constituting 10% of the total of 385 businesses that signed the CEOs Call to Action for a New Deal for Europe challenge, by December 2019 when it was finalized.