2016-2018 – PROGRAM: EUTALENT: Business in Europe Hosting Apprentices for Youth

Between 2016 and 2018, we at CSR HELLAS implemented the project EUTalent (Business in Europe Hosting Apprentices for Youth), co-funded by the European Commission, a 2-year program intending to create supportive structures for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in the form of European and national educational networks, through which businesses were informed and prepared for the provision of better and higher-quality apprenticeship positions.

The project was based on the idea that SMEs, due to their large number but small size, play an important role and have substantial power in the confrontation of youth unemployment, and present opportunities for growth and employment, with the provision, for example, of apprenticeship positions. On the other hand, it was apparent at the time that SMEs often had incomplete knowledge, resources and/or experience regarding the provision of such positions with high quality standards, an issue we attempted to confront with the EU Talent program.


The project aimed at approaching SMEs on 3 different levels through:
1. online communication campaigns
2. a series of thematic webinars and meetings for the dissemination of best practices
3. benchmarking and specialized support (on a European level)
If you are interested in the benefits that businesses offering youth apprenticeship positions gained, you can read more here.

If you are interested in the benefits gained by businesses that offer youth apprenticeship positions, you can read more here (only available in Greek):

Members participated in the initiative