2013 – European CSR Awards in Greece

The European Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards Scheme was a unique opportunity for the formation and reinforcement of the development of CSR in Europe.

In the framework of this effort for the promotion of responsible entrepreneurship and the CSR principles, in 2013 the European Commission proclaimed the European CSR Awards.

Purpose of the European Awards

The promotion and demonstration, on a national and European level, of the best innovative entrepreneurial programs on CSR, which in cooperation with at least one non-corporate body, contributed to the creation of positive and sustainable results both for society and for the business, thereby providing the opportunity for exchange and adoption of best practices.

A pan-European Institution

CSR Europe was in charge of this project, assuming the role of coordinator of its national partners with the aim of achieving pan-European implementation of the institution. Each one of the national partners, being the principal body in charge of CSR in their country, cooperated with corporate networks, non-governmental organizations, academics and governmental bodies in the framework of the implementation of the institution on a national level.

Implementation in Greece

We at CSR HELLAS took charge of coordinating the implementation, while the entire initiative was actualized with the support of the Ministry of Development, Competition, Infrastructure, Transport & Networks and with the support of the Greek Parliament. The institution of the European awards ties in with the modern perspective of CSR as it was articulated in the European Commission policy for Corporate Social Responsibility, while at the same time it functioned as a preparatory vehicle for the implementation of national CSR strategies by the EU member states.


The awards belonged to two categories, one for collaborations in SMEs and one for collaborations in large businesses.
The participants were called to submit CSR practices that fulfilled the following criteria:
1. Multifaceted collaborations of one or more businesses and non-corporate organizations on a national level
2. Emphasis on innovation with the goal of accelerating the mobilization of companies in the creation of innovative solutions so that sustainability issues could be dealt with
3. Demonstration of the positive results of cooperation, both on society and on the business itself.

Members participated in the initiative