In 2008, we at CSR HELLAS published a catalogue of best practices, with the aim of aiding the widest possible dissemination of CSR programs that were being implemented at that time by businesses. It was, and remains today, an excellent tool for all those who are interested in understanding the concept of CSR more comprehensively and would potentially be interested in including some of these practices into their own activities.

We designed this catalogue in a different way to previous ones, in order to cover the broad spectrum of topics that were brought to the surface after more than 100 different practices and actions were submitted that year.

We structured the catalogue into 3 different sections:

Section 1: Innovative practices that demonstrated continuity and consistency or were presented in conferences organized by us. This section was further divided into four thematic fields:

  • Human Resources
  • Market
  • Environment
  • Society

Section 2: More prevalent CSR practices. Here we included practices that had already become commonplace in some business sectors (e.g. recycling, giving blood voluntarily etc.). However, although according to the criteria that we had set such practices should have been excluded from the catalogue, we decided that the latter were also worthy of acknowledgment, if we were to thoroughly record all practices and to achieve our primary goal of creating a catalogue that functions as a propagation tool.

Section 3: Our corporate members’ actions in response to the fires that occurred the summer of the same year. These practices were an integral part of this catalogue, given the special circumstances of 2007 and the gravity surrounding the provision of help in response to the relevant calls for help by the fire-struck areas.