CSR training for suppliers

The responsible management of the supply chain is, nowadays, a crucial component of sustainability in modern businesses. With the aim of supporting its members to diffuse their corporate values into the entirety of the supply chain, CSR HELLAS offers specialized training, by means of educational workshops for the comprehension of basic concepts and principles of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

The workshops are addressed to key executives of those businesses that belong to the supply chain of the interested corporate member, and they are adapted to the latter’s needs and goals, in close cooperation with said member. The objective of the workshops is to provide trainees with basic knowledge and tools so that, in future, they are able to improve their response to the needs and demands of their corporate clients, which are related to the incorporation of environmental and social issues into their strategy and operation.

Through this training, the corporation-client can raise awareness and mobilize its suppliers towards the goal of developing a sustainable and durable supply chain, so as to minimize business risks, to achieve economies of scale and cost savings, to improve their corporate image and to create new markets for new products and services. The goal is for suppliers to comprehend and to manage potential negative impacts on health, local communities and the environment, protecting society at large from substantial expenses.

In this framework, CSR HELLAS handles the design and development of the training content, with references to the training goals, the development of the training program and the preparation of training material, such as presentations and other audiovisual media.

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