ETHOS Certification System

ETHOS is a complete management system for business parameters that are related to the practice of entrepreneurship in the modern environment, with corporate responsibility as its central axis. It was developed in the framework of a partnership between CSR HELLAS and its member company EUROCERT, which operates in the field of providing assurance and certification services.

It is the first Greek model that covers a broad range of corporate parameters that are related to compliance with the current regulatory framework in each context, to governance, economic sustainability, as well as the management of the impact of business activity on society and the environment. It also relates to crisis management and the system of preventative, preemptive activities that the company assumes striving to ensure corporate sustainability.

At the same time, on a global level, it is the first model for the management of corporate responsibility which, through independent monitoring, can lead to the attribution of a rating with three classification levels, depending on the level of the final score that the company under examination achieves:

  • Ethos Silver, for scores>60%
  • Ethos Gold, for scores >75%
  • Ethos Platinum for scores<90%

Apart from this assurance, ETHOS may also operate as a self-standing system of corporate administration with Corporate Social Responsibility at its core, but also as a system of self-assessment of a plethora of administrative, managerial and operational parameters which are demanded at an increasing rate by stakeholders, such as customers, partners, suppliers, the state, employees, the local community as well as society more broadly.

In the post-pandemic era, the ETHOS system is timelier than ever. Today all analyses agree that the corporate environment will never be the same and that the economic ramifications of the pandemic will be particularly perceivable in almost all sectors of economic activity, on a global scale. Therefore, the need for corporate responsibility has become synonymous to corporate survival, both in terms of economic performance but also in terms of safeguarding the social operation license.

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