Global representation & networking

Since 2000, we have acted as a National Partner Organisation (NPO) of CSR Europe – the leading corporate network for Responsible and Sustainable Entrepreneurship on a European level. With this property and utilizing our institutional role, we represent our members and the Greek business community, which by this point is mature in terms of responsibility issues, in the European dialogue regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Responsible Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. Additionally, with the active participation of one of our executives on the Board of Directors of CSR Europe, we have the opportunity to directly provide information regarding the most recent developments and initiatives of European institutional bodies on issues of CSR and Responsible Entrepreneurship, as well as to contribute to the formulation of the positions and opinions of CSR Europe on the aforementioned issues.

At the same time, with our active participation in the activities of CSR Europe, we provide our members with the possibility to participate in the broader European dialogue around CSR through processes of consultation, focus group implementations and meetings with strategy modulators that can potentially influence the CSR strategies of businesses.

Additionally, we are cooperating with a multitude of bodies from the international community such as the UN, the UN Global Compact, the Office of the United National High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), UNICEF and others, while on a local level, we are cooperating with the Delegation of the European Commission and the Office of the European Parliament in Greece.

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