Member meetings

Βy organizing regular meetings between our members, we give the latter the opportunity to:

  • Become informed regarding recent developments, on a national, European and international level, in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Responsible Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development
  • Present the sustainability strategies and/or relevant CSR initiatives and actions that are being implemented, aiming at the exchange of expertise and opinions that lead to corporate improvements
  • Network amongst themselves while at the same time becoming informed about ongoing initiatives and their progress
  • Connection to civil society bodies and NGOs, who are being called to present their work, aiming to develop wider collaborations with members
  • Contact with stakeholders more broadly, through invitations of participation in meetings with representatives of state bodies, local self-government, the academic community, the press etc., aiming to disseminate more broadly the concept of CSR and to develop multi-lateral synergies.

Do you also want to participate in these meetings? Find out how you can become a member.