“Partnership and Action for Sustainable Enterprises”

Why should my company participate in the P4SI-EL?

  • IDENTIFICATION of maturity level and improvement of business performance on the issues that are material for the business and its supply chain, through the use of specialized assessment tools: MIA Tool & ETHOS
  • ENHANCEMENT of companies’ maturity level through thematic training workshops per material issue in the context of Working Group meetings
  • COMPETITIVENESS ENHANCEMENT at national and sectoral level with an emphasis on CSR and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • TIMELY ADAPTATION to the new regulatory framework
  • RECOGNITION of the company/sectoral association as a leader and good practices in terms of material issues
  • PARTNERSHIP for the exchange of knowledge and the collective implementation of actions with other pioneering companies in the sector
  • CONTRIBUTION to the initiatives of institutional stakeholders at national and European level for a sustainable business environment by creating a National and European Sustainability Barometer

*Participation in P4SI-EL is open to all Greek companies and sectoral associations, provided they are members of CSR HELLAS.*

Sign up until 26 July 2022!

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