Participation in Multilateral Collaboration Programs

Based on our perennial experience and the successful, cross-border collaborations that we have developed, we design, coordinate and participate as partners in joint actions that are created for the implementation of co-financed programs for the development of expertise on a national, European and international level, with the ultimate aim being the dissemination and promotion of topics that relate to Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Entrepreneurship.

Through this strategic choice, we contribute decisively to the enhancement of knowledge and the achievement of progress in CSR-related matters, creating value for our members, since through our projects we provide our members with the opportunity of pilot participation in the activities of each program, including research, consultation workshops, guides, best practice catalogues, self-assessment tools etc.

More information regarding the possibility of participation and utilization of current programs can be found in the section “Initiatives” and in the available information regarding the prerequisites of Becoming a Member.