The Responsible Entrepreneurship Guide “Corporate Volunteerism” is a practical booklet for the development and reinforcement of a particular expression of collectivism on a corporate level.

The guide is the result of several months’ work, collective effort and voluntary contributions on the part of an important team of executives from business-members of CSR HELLAS, with extensive experience and knowledge regarding all the topics covered within its pages.

The guide is addressed to:

  • Leading executives of businesses, who with their inspiration but also appropriate employee guidance, can create the necessary conditions for mobilization, social contribution, and the practical implementation of corporate social responsibility.
  • Employees working on a voluntary basis, who through the group mentality and the true comprehension of societal needs, can get to know their colleagues better, develop a collective and team spirit, improve their skills and enrich their experiences, while helping to confront emergencies or offering whatever they can to other people
  • Everyone who would like to involve themselves with the needs of others and to cooperate for a good social cause.

Members who use the tool