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Founded in 1969, Barba Stathis is the leading company of frozen vegetables in Greece.

The key elements for its success are: quality, nutrition, flavor and convenience while its main driving force is to offer the consumers, nutritious products of added value, establishing a healthy concept, a daily balanced nourishment and their wellbeing.

The company’s activities include the production and sale of frozen vegetables (conventional and organic), mixed vegetables (plain and with rice or pasta), combinations of frozen vegetables based on traditional Greek recipes, fresh vegetable purees, as well as tomato products and fresh salads.

Barba Stathis, for half a century now, has been an ardent supporter of the Greek Economy and the agricultural production of the country, cultivating more than 3.000 hectars of Greek land. Its production is based on an integrated crop management system which ensures that the company produces vegetables of high quality and maximum safety, optimal nutritional value, and outstanding flavor; vegetables as fresh, as the moment of harvesting.

In the dough category- under the brand name Chrysi Zymi- the company promotes authentic delicious pastry creations based on Greek traditional recipes, offering consumers a wide variety of products including frozen filo dough, pies, mini pies, pizza, croissants and a variety of filo dough in the category of fresh chilled dough.

Embracing its vision to represent Greek nutrition globally, the company’s products are present in 35 countries worldwide.