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Can the speed and flexibility of a speedboat be combined to the stability and safety of an ocean liner? At sea, no. When it comes to organizing conferences, yes. This is exactly what we do at CONVIN. We are seasoned executives who have been working in major conference-organizing companies for many years. So, we decided to join forces, combining the knowledge, experience and security that a major company can provide with the flexibility, speed, low cost, creativity, versatility and personal assistance, which are the hallmarks of a small business. We have taken away the bureaucracy and added directness, innovation and state – of – the – art IT applications in order to generate significant added value in every aspect what we undertake.


CONVIN S.A. specializes in congress organization, virtual & hybrid congresses, association management, scientific e-publishing and destination management.

Looking back to a fruitful route since 2000 and in a capital company form since 2007, CONVIN is in constant search for in-depth-knowledge and experience with responsibility and love for the field, attributes that characterize all of our associates. In a highly professional manner, CONVIN offers clients comprehensive reports on the progress of projects, from the initial budget to the final result. Client appreciation has rewarded CONVIN with one of the leading positions in its field. Furthermore, during the past few years CONVIN has invested in modern Information Technology solutions, both software and hardware, in order to be in synch with the most advanced IT trends in conference organization. Undertaking the Association Management of local and international scientific societies is a highly demanding task that together with core-PCO functionality, and other services such as the management of informative campaigns and publishing of scientific journals, forms an integrated partnership model based on long-term collaboration and trust.

CONVIN is an active member of international associations such as IAPCO (International Association of Professional Congress Organizers), ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), EFAPCO (European Federation of Associations of Professional Congress Organisers), ACVB (Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau), HAPCO (Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers), HATTA (Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies), and an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

CSR-Related Information

In CONVIN, we have taken very seriously our duty to act in the best interest of, not only our stakeholders and employees, but also the environment and our community in general. Through our CSR program and initiatives, we are trying to establish our role as:

  • providers of quality services that will help our clients by bringing them the best results
  • bearers of opportunities for our employees in order to ensure that they will evolve and prosper within our ranks
  • helpers to our society by offering our resources and services to help all vulnerable groups
  • protectors of the environment, by taking initiatives in favor of the sustainability of earth resources and the reduction of our environmental footprint.

The establishment of these roles, is supported by the following (indicative) actions:

  • Development of Sustainable policies in our Events
  • Insurance benefit programs for our employees
  • Financial and/or in-kind support to local charities/ nonprofit organizations and vulnerable social groups


Moreover and specifically related to environmental sustainability we have adopted at least 8 “green” practices to our premises as follows:

  • Recycling (Waste Paper and Cardboard, Plastic/ Metal / Glass Recycling, WEEE Recycling)
  • Use reusable alternatives (i.e. Replacing single-use products with eco-friendly and reusable products such as using glass or paper cups instead of plastic ones)
  • Save energy ( i.e. using by default natural light & responsible use of office lighting and air-conditioning)
  • Go paperless (i.e. Electronic filing to Minimize printing, asking for supplier’s receipts/ invoices through e-mail)
  • Donate unused items (i.e conference leftover fabric bags, given to a charity that would make use of it to help reduce waste).
  • Buy fair trade products for office use (suggested also to clients during conference/ events organization)
  • Don’t waste food (i.e. we do not throw away leftovers from F/B services during our conferences/ events. We support non-profit organizations that prevent food waste, by distributing the surplus of food, to people in need in local area)
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products (we use green/eco-friendly cleaning products, in the office aiming to prevent chemicals from having a negative impact on the Earth).