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The history of ELLA-DIKA MAS initiative began in March 2012, during the global crisis that had begun to significantly affect our country. A group of concerned Greek entrepreneurs began to discuss the prospect of creating a vibrant, common space of expression and action.

ELLA-DIKA MAS is a community of manufacturing and processing Greek-owned enterprises which endeavors to develop and promote Greece’s modern-day entrepreneurial and productive culture. Greek enterprises that insist on keeping their (1) Headquarters, (2) Production and (3) Ownership in Greece are a minority. Nevertheless, ELLA-DIKA MAS Members remain in Greece and generate relatively higher added value for the Greek economy in comparison to value produced by other business models. The high added value that the Member-companies of the ELLA-DIKA MAS initiative offer is certified by Eurocert, an independent Greek certification body. Eurocert created a “Requirements Standard – Ethos” which evaluates and grants member-companies the right to use the ELLA-DIKA MAS logo. The logo can be added to their product packaging so that consumers and traders who want to support Greek production entrepreneurship can identify and select them.

In ELLA-DIKA MAS we believe that the top-quality, innovative products that are created, produced and owned by Greek enterprises are a national resource on which our way of life, our national income, our work, the use of our talent and the overall prosperity of Greece directly depend on. ELLA-DIKA MAS products represent Greece’s modern cultural capital and are the most critical element in restoring the country’s international image and reputation. The systematic promotion of Greece as a “place of origin” of worthwhile, modern, quality, branded and productive activities is the most effective strategy for attracting global recognition.