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The Greek pharmaceutical company that invests

in global innovation for more than two decades


GENESIS Pharma was one of the first pharmaceutical companies in Europe to specialize in the promotion, sales and distribution of biopharmaceutical products and is currently the largest by turnover among Greek companies focusing on innovative medicines.

Through long-standing strategic partnerships with some of the leading global pharmaceutical companies committed to cutting-edge R&D, GENESIS Pharma has created a strong portfolio of innovative and high therapeutic value pharmaceutical products for more than 30 severe and rare diseases.

It is acknowledged as one of the most specialized companies in multiple sclerosis in Greece, it represents pioneering treatments for rare genetic diseases, biosimilar products of advanced biologics for rheumatological, dermatological and gastrointestinal chronic inflammatory diseases, as well as in oncology/hematology and branded medicines for rare hematological malignancies. Its portfolio also includes products in the therapeutic areas of oncology and nephrology.

GENESIS Pharma is one of the most awarded companies in the country for its commitment to sustainable development and good working environment, with a yearly contribution to the Greek economy and society that exceeds 30% of its annual turnover.

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