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Whitetip Investments A.E.P.E.Y.  is a is a regulated & supervised by HCMC (Authorization No.18/768/27.10.2016) Brokerage ,Investment advisory and Investment Banking firm, operating out of Athens from 2016. Young in years but of significant achievements, Whitetip Investments has made its presence notable in the area of Investments Advisory & Brokerage with the in-house creation and development of TASIS, and in Investment Banking by serving successfully as the sole financial advisor in the fundraising rounds of many startups, as well as in one of the biggest Restructuring cases in Europe for 2020.

In the field of Brokerage and Investment Advisory, Whitetip Investments has launched TASIS, an innovative investment advisory service, based at an in-house developed quantitative and qualitative analysis software with the ability to analyze daily more than 10.000 Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Indices & FX pairs, monitor and adjust risk to appropriate risk levels according to each individual investor’s risk tolerance and produce personalized investment proposals expressed in specific quantities

In the field of Investment Banking, Whitetip Investments provides a variety of services related to startups, growth and distressed companies. More specifically, the company focuses on providing fundraising services as well as advice to undertakings on capital structure, strategy, and services relating to mergers and purchase of undertakings, financial restructurings and divestment of non-core divisions. With regards to Investment Banking Services, Whitetip Investments has been nominated by Global Banking and Finance as the Fastest Growing Investment Banking firm in Greece 2021.

Finally, Whitetip Investments launches the first ESG Transformation Fund in Greece. Aiming at new and existing Greek SMEs, the team’s mission is to transform them into viable and profitable companies with real value for all stakeholders – suppliers, consumers, society, environment – creating a sustainable business model based on Triple Bottom Line (People – Planet – Profit) through the provision of flexible financing tools (debt related instruments) and specialized consulting.

CSR-Related Information

For Whitetip Investments AEPEY Corporate Social Responsibility is indissolubly connected with the strategy that company follows.

Whitetip Investments AEPEY created the “One for All” Social Contribution program as part of company’s evolving ESG policy. “One for All” is based on 1-1-1 offering models and is shaped to address important society issues.

Through “One for All” the company commits to offer:

  • 1% of all employees’ working hours for the physical support of Charity Organizations. This social contribution translates into 20 hours per year, per employee.
  • 1% of our Company’s Investment Banking services to Non-Profit Organizations in order to cover their needs in Fundraising and Pitching. This period translates to 60 hours per year.
  • 1% of Annual Turnover for financial support to charity events of any kind.

Additionally, the company’s vision is so strong that it makes the team want to continue and go one step further. That’s why Whitetip Investments launches the first ESG Transformation Fund in Greece, an investment scheme of sustainable investments based on ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance – environment, society and corporate governance). The name of the Fund, inspired by the butterfly species “Zerynthia”, reveals the purpose of the project by allegorically conveying ‘’Transformation in Life’’ into ‘’Transformation in Business’’ represented by the life cycle of a butterfly. Alongside with the investment part, Zerynthia’s management team developed a structured and highly innovative for the Greek standards, Philanthropy Plan, through which it commits to donate 5% of its total revenue annually to actions related to education and innovation, women empowerment and the environment.