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Cross-national Roundtable (11/10/21): Implementing the Pact for Sustainable Industry Locally (EU SDG Summit)

Date: 11/10/21

Time (Greece): 17:00-18:30

Location: online

CSR HELLAS is participating for yet another year in the European SDG Summit (11-14 October 2021), during which it is co-organizing a cross-national roundtable titled “Implementing the Pact for Sustainable Industry Locally”.

The roundtable discussion is co-organized by CSR HELLAS and National Partner Organizations (NPOs) Forética (Spain) and CSR Cyprus (Cyprus).

The detailed concept note of the roundtable is available below:

The European Pact for Sustainable Industry (P4SI), which launched last year, has received a warm welcome by the European Commission as heading in the right direction and coming at the right time to support Europe’s aims and goals for a more transparent and sustainable business environment. In that regard, European business associations are eagerly coming closer to CSR Europe in working together for the achievement of the P4SI. Equally important to the successful implementation of the P4SI at European Level is the effectuation of similar adequate initiatives at local/national levels across Europe. Especially for countries which faced the consequences of long-lasting financial crises for almost a decade, such as Greece, Spain and Cyprus, there is an evident need to provide support towards both business associations and SMEs, especially those that are participating in wider supply chains.

Implementations of the Pact at local level (Greece, Spain, and Cyprus), aim at raising awareness within business associations for [a] recognising that sustainability has currently become mainstream, [b] supporting their members to focus on issues that are material to their particular sector of operation in combination with their geographical presence, and [c] developing their own sustainability roadmaps, that could be applicable easily but meaningfully.

Already, the CSR Business Networks of the aforementioned countries, as National Partner Organisations of CSR Europe, have begun communications and information activities with business associations, federations, and co-federations in presenting the P4SI, while examining possibilities for further development of valuable collaborations.

In this Webinar during the European SDGs Summit the target is to present diverse approaches to collaboration within the P4SI frame, at local level in different areas of Europe and with different parties. Representatives of Industry and SME- associations will share their experience from cooperation with the CSR Networks in achieving the goals set locally while adding value to the European approach of the P4SI. Also, business representatives from leading firms will share their thoughts in partnering with peers within their own sectors, as well as with other businesses throughout their supply chains, in a joint effort to striving to enhance maturity levels on both sides.

Given that, just a few days ago, the EC announced its regulatory initiatives for a more unifying and transparent business environment, this Webinar will be an opportunity for showcasing progress being made in that regard, at local/national level, with the participation of all parties affected by the regulation-, that is, primarily large businesses and SMEs, but also business associations as supporters in this transition process towards the adoption of sustainable business models.