Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our vision

The contribution of businesses, which operate in Greece and abroad, to economic development and value creation that benefits society at large, showing consideration for the needs of future communities.

Our mission

Comprehensive integration of the principles of sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship into corporate strategy, governance and administration.

Reinforcement of systematic collaborations between businesses and stakeholders in both the private and public sector, society and the state.

Adaptation to new trends and improvement of competitiveness and long-term profitability, enhancing the knowledge and experience of all stakeholders.

Our goals

  • Capacity building on matters relating to responsible entrepreneurship
  • Development and application of specialized tools and services
  • Implementation of initiatives and collective actions amongst members and third parties to contribute to the confrontation of social and environmental challenges
  • Networking of members and exchange of knowledge and practices
  • Systematic updates regarding national and international developments in issues of Responsible Entrepreneurship
  • Promotion of collaborations and partnerships between the public and private sector