Our Network

CSR HELLAS was founded in 2000, for the promotion and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the strategies and operations of businesses and organizations, regardless of size or sector.

Today, we are comprised of a dynamic group of businesses that act as leaders in the shaping of new and innovative entrepreneurial practices, contributing to sustainable development and value creation for all shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, the local community and environment, as well as the national economy and society at large.

We collaborate for the promotion of new ideas and business practices that help reshape the economic model and reinforce the long-term competitiveness of businesses, with sustainability and healthy profitability as their axis.

We belong to the wider European Network of CSR Europe that consists of 42 European Networks and 10.000 corporate members and operates with a shared mission and vision (2030 Agenda).

Pylons of Corporate Social Responsibility



Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Governments have assumed the responsibility to lead the effort for the attainment of these goals, through the design of national implementation plans and by striving to create the appropriate environment as well as to raise citizen awareness regarding the significance of this agenda.