The Employee Volunteering Awards regard the display and awarding of voluntary projects that businesses and private sector bodies undertake, as they strive to support and mobilize disadvantaged social groups in gaining skills that will help them find employment.

Such actions may be:

  • Programs of Greek language lessons for immigrants by the employees of a business
  • Occupation of unemployed people for a certain period of time, in order for them to gain some work experience
  • Educational programs for people with special needs on how to use a computer

At CSR HELLAS, we believe that the promotion of volunteerism in workplaces is a very worthy CSR practice and so, in the context of the declaration of 2011 as the “European Year for Volunteering”, we participated in the same year in an initiative by Business in the Community (BITC), which is the British National partner of CSR Europe, for the awarding of specific voluntary programs on a national and European level.

The purpose of the European CSR Awards was the promotion and display, on a national and European level, of the best, most innovative entrepreneurial CSR programs that, in cooperation with at least one non-corporate body, contributed to the creation of positive and sustainable results, as much for society as for the business itself. Subsequently, these awards created the opportunity for exchanging and adopting good practices on a broader scale.