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Company Profile

The Druckfarben Group is a group of companies with worldwide activities catering to the ink, coating, and energy saving sectors. The group’s area of expertise is the development of innovative solutions for the inks, coatings and paints industries such as ecological products. It has manufacturing facilities in Aspropyrgos, Greece and in Bucharest, Romania while it also maintains strong distribution centers in all of Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus, Malta, Albania, Romania, Kosovo, Nigeria and Northern Macedonia. The companies of the Group, cover the needs of clients through the production of superior quality inks and high specification ink series that meet the demanding market. The Group’s strategy is to expand its international footprint, in new and growing markets, where it can offer support and expertise.

The business unit, KRAFT Paints, has a unique distinction: it is a member of the Nova Paints Club, an international organization that includes some of the largest private paint industries in the world. This organization was established in 1983 with the aim of exchanging information and know-how to better deal with competition globally. KRAFT Paints focuses on being an innovative, eco responsible partner, focusing on customer-centricity through color while redefining its impact in our homes.

CSR-Related Information

The Druckfarben Group, believes that businesses are an integral part of society and has developed a CSR program that requires engagement with internal and external stakeholders in order to serve the community, called Together, let’s color. The approach is based on a sustainable development that is incorporated into the business strategy.

The program’s goals are the following:

  • To operate with respect and empathy towards the environment, employees and local communities
  • To promote our cultural heritage through the arts and color
  • To improve our cities through green solutions
  • To support education
  • To support marginalized groups