2014-2016 – PROGRAM: CARVE

Based on the observation that gender-based violence affects all aspects of women’s lives, businesses have been recognized by the European Commission (EC) as one of society’s pillars with the biggest power to contribute to the confrontation of the issue.

In the context of the CARVE program, we at CSR HELLAS invited businesses to take action as ambassadors, by providing information regarding the phenomenon of gender-based violence and the measures that can be taken for its prevention.

Our main goal through the cross-border and co-funded by the EC program CARVE, which we implemented in cooperation with bodies from France, Spain, Belgium, Greece and Bulgaria between 2014 and 2016, was to increase awareness and prevent the phenomenon of violence against women, through a complete European campaign with businesses assuming a leading role. Furthermore, the project focused on the confrontation of domestic violence, invalidating prejudices that hindered their revelation in the workplace. Specifically, distinct actions we took in the context of CARVE were:

• Development of knowledge around the issue of violence against women
• Encouragement of businesses to play an active, leading role in order to contribute to the confrontation of the problem
• Research and collection of best business practices from all participating countries
• Creation of a European guide with examples of best practices relating to the confrontation of the issue of violence against women
• Dissemination of the guide throughout the whole of Europe by means of promotional and communication actions

The material resulting from the program in the Greek context, which may be of value to businesses, are the following:

  1. Good practice guide for businesses
  2. Informative material
  3. Video
  4. Greek Study
  5. European and national events
  6. Workshops

This material is only available in Greek.

More information: https://asceps.org/makingprojects/carve-daphne/