2015-2017 European Pact 4 Youth

Between 2015 and 2017, CSR HELLAS participated actively, as the national partner of CSR Europe, in the initiative of the European Pact4Youth, taking charge of its implementation in Greece.

The aim of the initiative was to establish collaborations between the entrepreneurial and academic community and mainly the creation of a new model for the provision of quality job positions for young people, through internships/ professional education programs.
The European Pact4Youth was a mutual commitment on the part of the leaders of the corporate world and the European Union.
Specifically, the initiative aimed to develop relationships and cooperative ties between representatives from corporations, academia, youth and European institutional bodies, calling all businesses, social partners, educational providers, youth organizations, public and private occupation services, teachers, educators, trainees, parents as well as other key players, to develop and establish partnerships that support the employability and incorporation of youths without exclusions.

With the signing of the initiative by many corporate members, we formed a Task Force, with the voluntary participation of representatives of those businesses.

Aiming to develop a National Action Plan, the Task Force conducted 2 studies amongst the corporate members of CSR HELLAS, the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, based on specialized questionnaires. In the first study that we conducted in Spring 2016, we searched for businesses that offered internship programs to young people, while in the second one that took place in the summer of the same year, we recorded best practices of similar programs and initiatives that offered youth internship positions.

Following that, at CSR HELLAS we organized meetings for the occurrence of dialogue between stakeholders (in the form of focus groups), aiming firstly to record the different positions and secondly to compose a proposal for an action plan, based on the common conclusions that derived from this procedure.

The national action plan that we devised at a later stage included:
• establishment of a Best Practice Guide for the implementation of high quality internship programs

• pilot implementation of such programs, having the creation and maintenance of multi-level quality synergies between stakeholders as a basis

Members participated in the initiative